Selling your car online with much more reactions? This is how to do it.

”My car was sold quickly.
For the perfect price.”

You want to sell your car. Which sales site will you choose? So much choices. Want to get rid of your car fast? Online buyers always make a bid well below the asking price. So what else to do?

Yet you prefer to get the maximum price. From your online car sales. When do you do the right thing?

Your car will have to stand out. Because every day there are more than 420,000 other people selling their car in the Netherlands. How do you make sure that no one, absolutely no one, can overlook your car?

How do you sell your car faster?

Do you turn out to be a top car salesperson?

Selling your car yourself is quite a challenge. Of course you think about choosing the social networks in your own environment first. Another option is a polished ad on the many sales websites like: Autoscout24. Autotrader. The AA. Even Ebay and Gumtree.

And then the waiting begins… and even more waiting to see if you get a serious reaction. Preferably not from such a slick tradesman. He will comb every sales website. And will offer the absolute lowest price to you as well.

You yourself are that top salesman! The Promotion Explosion

No, you want to sell your car fast right now. At the best price possible! That's why there's 12Linkme – The Promotion Explosion. Pick your own sensational sales promotion with a nice 12linkme name of your own choice. We'll help you to promote this name explosively. And we'll make sure that it automatically redirects every time to your online car ad!

That way 12linkme boosts your online ad to a much bigger audience. So you sell your car faster. At the best price possible!

That top salesman? That's you of course! Together with 12linkme:

1..2..linkme > Boom. SOLD!

WOW! What a great Promotion

Car sales happy

Go on Netflix for sales results?

You have put your car for sale on a car sales website. Now you can do nothing but wait for a good reaction. Cross your fingers? Bite your nails? Go on Netflix? But on Ebay alone, tens of thousands of new cars are added every day…

That’s so many new offers... Which make your ad sink after just a few days to page 5 or lower! Then you will no longer be seen, will you?

Visible or invisible?

Therefore that sales website tries to convince you continually to spend extra money. So your ad is visible for just a little longer. In the top positions. So that's what you do. And that may surely have some effect. For a little while.

Until you realize: the effect does not last longer than a few days. Within the shortest amount of time your car ad has disappeared yet again! Sunken away far into the lower ranks. Of course, you could pay once more for a so called premium position. And again… and maybe yet again! As long as it takes to sell your car. Is this really the way to do it? Is this clever?

Stand out. Phew… Not easy.

Really stand out between all of these hundreds of thousands of other car ads. It's not easy. Apparently, being visible is not enough. In your category alone there are on average ten thousand sellers. Who all offer a car just like yours for sale.

With similar options. Maybe with just a little lower mileage. Or with more and better photos. In that way, such a ‘pimped’ car just looks a bit more attractive. So for you it's even more important to stand out ‘differently’. Only: how do you really stand out? Without being overshadowed?

Sell your car. How do you stand out?

In fact, you only have one goal. That interested people only see your online ad. That's why a nice sales message on one of your own social networks like Facebook is not such a bad idea at all. But in that case, make sure that they won't come in through the search engine of a big car sales site. That way you'll lose their attention for your car at once. Because they browse through a lot of competing ads. Is there another way?

You have to promote your online ad in a unique way! But who will remember the URL of your online car ad? It's impossible. Isn't there any other way?

Stand out! Even among a massive offer supply. You do it with 12linkme:

This is how you stand out explosively!

Take your creativity up a notch …

Imagine. You want to offer your car for sale yourself on an online page. Which can be reached through an easy to remember, unique URL? But then you do have to be kind of an IT-nerd. Could you succeed in throwing together such a website yourself ‘just like that’? Do you actually want to take the time to do it? What's more, most online car salesmen ask extra money for mentioning that website. Tricky. And also not cheap.

Hey? What is the power of offline promotion?

Okay. You have to make sure that as many potential car buyers as possible know that your car is for sale. Online. And especially: offline. Like ‘in daily life’! Only, how do you reach exactly those interested people? Those who see your car in real life, ‘for real’?

Car sales. Provide offline promotion!

Of course you want as many serious reactions as possible. From real people, who are genuinely interested in your car. People who have seen your car on the road. And who therefore are keener to make a decent offer. And pay a fair price.

Passers-by are worth their weight in ‘gold’

How do you most effectively increase the chance to get the best price for your car? When a potential buyer knows that you drive it responsibly. That you look trustworthy. And that you take good care of your car. And especially that your car even looks better in real life. Better than people could estimate through photos in a digital ad.

But how do you show this convincingly? This can only be done if someone sees your car passing by on the road! With you as honest car driver and salesman behind the wheel.

Psychology works in car sales!

From psychological studies we have learned the following. The attractiveness of buying a car will increase by a factor of 7 when you see that car on the road ‘in real life’. So offline promotion in the ‘real world’! That's where the solution is! In that way you'll find the right buyer for your car. How do you handle that?

Your car serving as a mobile billboard?

Isn’t that extraordinary? We ourselves, while we’re driving, are already the best mobile billboard that exists. And yet we do not use this power. While we really should!

On a busy motorway, in about 30 minutes, as much as 1,500 people see you and your beautiful car driving around. And if you’re driving on a provincial road? Then it’s still around 450 people every 30 minutes. So that’s a huge offline reach! One that we disregard every day. And this during your commuting time alone.

Make use of your daily range of your car!

Are you parked on a local road? Then on average, in the UK or USA, every hour, 6.5 passers-by will still see your car!

Just compare this to an online advertisement. Did you know that the average online ad on for instance Ebay, only has 2.2 views [meaning viewers] a day? Only the first week and a half has a higher score. By several views per day. Meaning::

“If you’re driving around for half an hour per day, an offline promotion of your car is no less than 350 times more effective than an online advertisement!”

Get an explosive result offline with your 12linkme promotion:

Score online with offline promotion!

Give your car the pole position!

Give yourself a crucial advantage with a 12linkme promotion. Do you want to sell your car to the biggest audience possible? Do you want to sell fast? Do you want to sell at the best price possible?

Pole your car!

Then this is what you need to sell your car successfully:

  • A good online ad on a car sales website or
  • an entirely free sales message on your social networks
  • A way to make your car attract extra attention ‘while driving’ with
  • a striking offline promotion. Linked to your online car ad with
  • a 12linkme name that matches with your car. Easy to remember.

So how does this work?

Difficult? Expensive? Not at all! Easy.
You can get it done immediately with 12Linkme – The Promotion Explosion.

Super easy. And fast. In 3 steps:

    1. CHOOSE a striking 12linkme car promotion and name
    2. We will LINK your 12linkme name to the URL of your ad
    3. START your unique 12linkme Promotion. Explosively!

Start your sensational car promotion here immediately. With 12linkme:

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The car [sales] facts at a glance:

Car sales facts

  • The occasion sales in the USA add up to almost 40,000,000 occasions every year. In the UK this number is almost 8,000,000.
  • The private sales add up to around 3,320,000 pieces every year in the UK.
  • On the UK Ebay alone, almost 35,000 new car advertisements are placed every day.
  • On a random motorway, during rush hours, there are on average about 3,100 cars driving by every hour.
  • All motor vehicles travel a distance of no less than 2.8 trillion kilometres on the USA roads and 550 billion kilometres on UK roads every year.
  • Commuting takes on average a good half hour every working day. And 77 percent of the commuting distance is travelled by car, 10 percent by train and 6 percent by bike.
  • Men travel on a weekday on average 40 minutes to and from their work and women 12 minutes less.
  • Cars are unused during more than 90% of their ‘life’.
  • The average age of cars in Europe is 9.7 years at this moment.

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