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There are always special occasions. A birth, a birthday, an anniversary, a special party, an original marriage proposal, a bachelor party, a beautiful family party or religious party or even an awesome party. You invent the opportunity. We provide ultimate attention, invitations, reactions or even the redeeming answer: does he or she want to or not ... If you organize something special, you want to stand out in a unique and ultimate way!

You want to promote your special occasion better and let it shine. Then we help you with many more interesting friends, contacts and fun for more effect and more interaction.

You arrange that easily. Choose your desired sensational 12linkme Promotion and name. Select a Standard Promotion or put one of our 12linkme Designers to work for you, for your own unique Original Promotion.

This way our Promotions help make your special occasion even more special!

This way YOUR GROUP will get an explosive growth of links! For more effect. More contacts. More fun.

1..2..linkme > Boom. ACTION!

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