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12Linkme: this way, your online ads will always stay visible

Top designers join the best of offline and online promotion


Nowadays, almost everything is offered for sale, from houses to cars. The consequence of this enormous surplus in offers is that the advertisement will soon be overshadowed. That's why there's 12Linkme® now. 12Linkme® top designers join clever offline promotion techniques to the advantages of advertising online, for consumers and entrepreneurs worldwide.

The 12Linkme method

12Linkme ensures that the online advertisement stays visible in a striking way. Resulting in many more links, contacts and clients than if you were using traditional online promotion. How does the 12linkme approach work? The user chooses an appropriate promotion or has one designed, with a unique striking 12linkme name of his own choice that is easy to remember. For example ‘’ or ‘’. By printing and distributing the 12linkme name on promotion articles with a contemporary design, the strengths of offline and online promotion are joined together.

Attracting attention!

All the 12linkme promotions are tuned to the result that the user wants to achieve. A user who has offered his car or house for sale, gives his online advertisement a boost with a car sticker promotion or window sign promotion. The easy to remember name attracts attention and ensures lasting traffic to the online advertisement. Whether it concerns establishing more contacts, concluding more transactions or perhaps stimulate reactions: for each online purpose there is a beautiful solution for your promotion. For social media or special online pages. Many additional promotions are available, like T-shirts, stickers, yard signs, towels, flags, mugs, caps, bags and much more.

The user could immediately put a 12linkme Designer to work for their own, uniquely designed 12linkme Original promotion. The chosen promotion articles, personalised with their own 12linkme name, will of course be digitally printed in high-quality print and immediately be sent internationally by parcel post. Singles, self-employed entrepreneurs, groups of friends, associations, sports clubs or companies can now stand out explosively with Top Designers in their back pockets. Easy, quickly and inexpensively.

Internationally inspiring

12Linkme®, ‘The Promotion Explosion’ has been created by innovative marketeers and designers. They know the power of both online and offline promotion. Their passion for  design, print and the internet has its origins in the Netherlands. Through their extensive international contacts and wide interests they get inspiration globally, in order to keep on innovating, changing and reinforcing the 12linkme promotions, thinking from the perspective of the customer. They continue to connect. As friends. Globally.

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