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How does the 12linkme design service work?

Express yourself! Do you have a better or another fabulous Promotion idea yourself? Is it not yet possible to buy this product in our web shop as an Original Promotion? Through this page, our 12linkme Designers bring your own design to life with an unique "Ask us more!" Promotion in just four steps in an easy way. Boom.

You come up with a great 12linkme name. Provide your deep link URL. Send your design idea. We'll do the rest!

Not quite sure if your idea works? Please feel free to contact our Designers first via WhatsApp.

A top campaign in just 4 steps


1. Send your own Promotion specifications

On the left below, contact our Customer service through the 'Chat & Contact' button. We prefer the use of WhatsApp!

Simply ask for a quotation for your own "Ask us more!" promotion. Indicate your desired 12linkme name. And the URL of your sales advertisement or online message to which you want to create a link. Describe as precisely as possible what your Promotion should look like. If you wish, you can add a sketch or a sample picture to specify the atmosphere, style, identity and execution in more detail for our Designers.

2. You receive our quotation for Promotion design

On the basis of your wishes, our Designers immediately create an attractive personal 12linkme quotation for you. You approve the quotation digitally in your 12linkme account. You pay the costs safely through our own web shop. Our 12linkme Designer will then immediately go to work for you. He or she will bring your Promotion idea to life professionally.


3. Our Designer designs your unique Promotion

Your 12linkme Designer will send the first concept of the Promotion design, containing your own 12linkme name, to you through WhatsApp. This process takes about 1 to 3 working days after your payment. Several versions will be exchanged if necessary. Until you definitively approve the final version of your own unique 12linkme "Ask us more!" Promotion through WhatsApp. That version will then immediately be digitally printed in high-quality print. And you’ll receive it by parcel post within three working days. A shipment outside of the Benelux can take 1 to 2 days longer.

4. Boom! Start your own designed 12linkme Promotion

WOW! Congratulations! You are now the owner of a globally unique 12linkme "Ask us more!" Promotion that really stands out! In the meantime, we have automatically linked your desired 12linkme name. To the URL that you use for your digital advertisement or online message. Start your unique 12linkme Promotion. Score explosively. Resulting in many more links, contacts and clients!

1..2..linkme > Boom. RESULT!