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How does it work?

You come up with a great 12linkme name. Enter your deep link URL.
Our Designers will do the rest!

Asset 29 1CHOOSE
your desired 12linkme
promotion and name
You come up with a catchy name yourself, for example
Asset 30 2LINK
the 12linkme name of
your choice to your URL
Your deep link URL is for example
Asset 31 START
your unique
12linkme promotion
Get an explosive growth of links for more effect and more sales!

Little explanation


1CHOOSE your desired 12linkme promotion and name

Be as creative as you want. Any 12linkme name is fine, as long as it isn't used by anyone else yet. Check multiple TLDs (Top Level Domains = the letters after the. In your name for example: .com or .love or .link) if a particular TLD is already taken.

You can choose your 12linkme name from the long list of international TLDs below:
Check here if your desired 12linkme name is still available.

Please note that in your enthusiasm you do not place an order on the Foxxl website. Only place your order in the 12linkme webshop.

Some examples of 12linkme names

List of possible 12 linkme name TLDs

Special TLDs for 12linkme names

Don't you think our Standard Promotions are special enough yet? No problem. Our Designers design your own unique Original or 'Ask us more' Promotional Design based on your own ideas. This way you can easily realize your own worldwide unique and personal online campaign with 12linkme. Make yourself a top promoter with an amazingly professional Design!


2LINK the 12linkme name of your choice to your URL

With your chosen 12linkme name and Promotion from step 1 you can now realize an explosive campaign around any online deep link URL that you can access worldwide via the browser.

Here are just a few ideas to associate your 12linkme name with:

  • Your Facebook page
  • Facebook post
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Your Instagram 
  • Instagram post
  • Your YouTube channel
  • Youtube video
  • Your TikTok channel
  • TikTok video
  • Your LinkedIn page
  • Your SlideShare page
  • Your Indeed profile
  • Your Indeed vacancy
  • Your Airbnb page
  • Your website page
  • Online URL
  • Online Advertorial URL
  • Ebay URL
  • Online landing page
  • Spotify link
  • Dropbox document link
  • OneDrive document link
  • Google Drive link 
  • Google Forms link
  • Google Survey link
  • Your Uber Profile page
  • Your Tripadvisor restaurant page
  • Zoom link
  • TED link
  • And many more ...
  • Be creative with 12linkme!

Always check that your deep link URL is okay and reachable online to create flawless links.
Not sure if you are using the correct URL? Chat with us downstairs in the left corner. We will help you immediately!


 START your unique 12linkme promotion

Almost finished. Within a few days you will receive your ordered Promotion at home! We start your unique 12linkme Promotion. WOW!

1..2..linkme > Boom. RESULTS!


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