Girl-group with 12linkme-name presents itself!

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are a very cheerful group of friends who like to party, and our name is "doesmooi" (in English: Just act pretty) - a very common Dutch saying. We came up with this name when one of the girls wanted to create a nice snap streak (on Snapchat), and the other girls had to 'act pretty': "Girls, just act pretty" - that's the meaning of "Doesmooi".

We immediately translated this into the fun 12Linkme name 

12Linkme also designed the cute "Doesmooi"-logo for us. After two design proposals by their senior designer named Francis, we were already super enthusiastic. Have a look for yourself:

Our 12linkme 'Original' Design

A group name connects

We have known each other for a few years and really became a group about 2 years ago. The group name has been in existence for a year now; it certainly made us much closer. A group name like that makes you feel more connected to each other. You know that you can always fall back on each other if something is wrong. After all, you are in the same group of friends who always help you and are there for you.

We make this clear to the outside world with our 12linkme "Doesmooi" Stickers, Flag lines, Hoodies and T-shirts. No one in our surroundings missed "Doesmooi" or not heard of "Doesmooi"... that is pretty neat, isn't it? Smile


Making memories together

The first moment that really brought us together was when we slept in tents in 2020 when Corona was just around the corner. The year after that, we did it "big time". Together we went to the APPELHOFFF campsite, the biggest youth campsite in the Netherlands!

We stayed here for a week, and to be honest, it was really so lovely, but also soooo dirty. We got even closer because of this holiday and all the nice memories we made together. Our group of friends is getting closer every day. 12linkme Stickers

12linkme Promotions stand out

As we definitely had to leave our mark at Appelhof, we brought along all our 12linkme Promotions. SUPER FUN! We also thought everyone should know that they were dealing with "Doesmooi" in their street. That's why we decorated our tent with bright pink "Doesmooi" flags. 

People reacted to this jealously, very nicely and positively. They quickly knew us as 'the fun "Doesmooi" girls'. Many people especially wanted to have our stickers, and everyone connected with our Insta-link via the sticker. Just click on yourself. Of course, some people find it all a bit exaggerated and over the top, but we don't care! Flag line

To be continued ...

The most important thing is that we have a lot of fun with our group. We are very good at that! We already have our next conquest on the agenda; this summer, we are going WILD IN KOS, Greece (in Dutch: LOS AT KOS).

Strolling along the beach all day and in the evening, enjoying a drink (or more). And dancing in the clubs. We will also continue spreading our stickers and promoting "Doesmooi 4ever" on this trip! Hoodie front

We would like to thank Marwin of 12linkme. Thanks to 12linkme, we can enjoy our girlfriends' trips under the name "DOESMOOI" even more!

'Ey you, act pretty, will you!' (Dutch: “EY jij, doesmooi man!”)   


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