COVID Lockdown | Empty Streets in the world: a bit of humor goes viral

You can use 12linkme for every good idea to go viral. Sometimes it is so easy as to think up a catchy 12linkme name and link it to a page with a simple YES, NO, MAYBE or 'somethin else' statement. Our designers take care of your wishes here: Ask us more or via Standard and Original Promotions!

This happened in Holland with a 12linkme name called in (Can I still leave the house?). Of course together with this subtle intro text, which puzzled the mind of the reader to click:

"Here's a super handy site to see if you still can leave home for the next few days: "

The Promotion went completely viral on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram and still sings around during every COVID lockdown period. See the pictures with proof here:

WhatsApp COVID humor

COVID lockdown humor Whatsapp


Facebook COVID humor

Facebook COVID Corona humor


Test the Dutch link yourself here:

"Hier is een superhandige site om te kijken of je toch van huis mag komende dagen:"

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Marwin Dekkers
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