Car sales window sticker 'Standard' top quality L-XL

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  • Interested parties will see you and your beautifully maintained top car driving around everywhere. That creates trust and a direct bond: via your striking 12linkme name directly to your online sales ad of your used car. Boom. SOLD! > Read more

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Sell your car smarter | With ease

With this striking car window sticker you sell your car faster at a better price. This way you can easily increase the reach of your Facebook Marketplace, AutoTrader,, Social Media or any other online sales ad of your car with dozens of interested people per day through the real world! Easy to apply to any car type. Directly at home.

1..2..linkme > Boom. SOLD!


 Very visible. Due to the recognizable red 12linkme color.
 Easy to apply yourself to the rear window or body, without any auxiliary materials.
 Windshield wiper proof.
 Can only be used once, otherwise choose a magnetic sticker!
 Easy to remove after use, without glue residues.


Custom design: 'Ask us more!'
Express yourself

Do you have a better car sale or other crazy Promotion idea? With an Original Promotion our 12linkme Designers simply bring your Promotion wishes to life in your own unigue and sensational Design. Boom. The required design hours are included and are already included in the product price.

Do you have a different and even awesome Promotion idea? Other dimensions? Other materials? Other application? Then click on the 'Ask us more!' menu item and our Designers will immediately make an attractive personal all-in offer for you.


Why does the 12linkme approach work?

Selling your car online with many more response. This is how you do it!

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  • Specifications
  • Quality Professional Top Quality
    Material Monomer vinyl 150 gr
    Printing Full color single sided
    Thickness 0.22 mm
    Coating Premium matte
    Shape As example
    Subscription Yes after 1 month


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